Class 1 use the Forest School as a hook to their new topic

We used the environment to introduce our new topic.
The Three Little Pigs
We hid clues around the forest based on events from The Three Little Pigs. The children then made a hut of sticks and another of straw. They worked together to test which one was the strongest.
Little Red Riding Hood
The children had to hunt for items of clothing and guess who the character was. They then painted treasures for Grandmas basket.
The Three Billy Goats
The children made their own bridges using resources from the forest. They then acted out the story using small world characters.
The Gingerbread Man
The children tasted biscuits and smelt spices to try and think what the story was going to be. They then dressed up and acted out the different parts of the story.
At the end of the day we gathered together to reflect on our day and used our floor book to decide what we would like to learn about next.