Respect, Resilience and Responsibility in Class 1 2018

Barnabos came into our setting and we learnt about respect, responsibility and resilience.
We acted out stories from the bible and we were able to talk about how the events showed either respect, responsibility or resilience.
We promote these aspects every day within our classroom. For example the children fill a special box about their family, their favourite items and photos of special events. They then talk about their items in detail to their peers. The children show respect by listening appropriately, handling the items with care and asking questions to develop their understanding of what they have heard.
This also gives us the opportunity to learn that all of our families are different but that we also have similarities to one another.
The children show responsibility by taking care of each other and their belongings. The Reception children take pride in helping the Nursery children if they are struggling to put their winter suits on. We create our own class rules and encourage each other to follow them.  We know how to use the equipment and tools safely and understand the consequences of not using them responsible.
We are resilient children! We encourage the children to work together indoors and outdoors. They enjoy building large obstacle courses together, and the trickier they are to cross the better! The Reception children are willing to have a go at any challenge and will ask for help if they need it. This is seen when we are outdoors using the larger equipment and we also apply this to our literacy and numeracy work.