UK Parliment Week 2019/2020

Through out the day the children in Key Stage 2 have been learning about the Uk's Parliament system, and about how laws are made. 
Their first lesson was 
'What is Parliament?'
This showed the children the structure of Parliament and the roles of each part. 
The second part of the day was
'Learning about the differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords'
The children were shown videos of inside the rooms and the roles of each of the people.
The third part of the day was
The children learnt  the debating procedure, the rules and the roles of the people. Once the children understood how and why debates happened they carried out debates of their own.
The children debated 
Should mobile phones be banned in schools. 
School children should only learn the lessons they want to.
The children were very good and listened well to others and their points of view.