School Vision

Children learn best when they are happy and feel confident. At Belford Primary School we strive to build children’s self-esteem so that they can become independent learners, able to drive their own learning and develop an understanding of the world they live in. We want every child to get the best start to their learning and go on to achieve their own personal goals. We believe that every child can be successful in something and as a school will do as much as we can to promote individuals interests and skills in a safe environment. This along with our belief that adults and pupils should have a mutual respect for each other will guarantee the future success of our pupils.



Make a mess,

make mistakes,

make friends,

make an impression,

make progress. 

We teach children to make with their hands,

their hearts and their minds.



Believe in yourself,

believe anything is possible,

believe in others.  

Belief is central to development, positive attitudes and self-esteem. 

Our belief is simple, childhood is special and children learn most when they are happy.



Learn from others, learn about the world.

Learn what is appropriate, and what is not. 


Children absorb information at a very fast pace. It is our role to keep the momentum going, find the challenges and create their success.


Interaction with people of all ages and backgrounds is vital. We introduce the children to inspiring people with incredible talents, stories and knowledge of the arts, history, geography, global issues, sport and technology, to feed their hungry minds.



When children are interested in and have ownership of what they are learning they will achieve more.


Through targets, project work and homework we encourage children to take responsibility for their own progress, achieving more, and more.