Welcome to Belford Primary's Eco Council

The role of the Eco Council at Belford Primary School is to work together to provide the tools to promote and develop sustainability throughout our school. We involve teachers, pupils and members of the community to ensure that everyone works together to improve the quality of our school and encourage environmentally friendly changes. Each class has elected two children to be the representatives for their class.  These members make up the council.

As an Eco-School we:

  • Elect new Eco Council members annually

  • Hold regular meetings

  • Choose specific areas in the school to work on

  • Set appropriate and achievable targets

  • Introduce whole school projects

  • Link our ideas to our curriculum work

  • Check and monitor that successful improvements are being made

  • Keep the whole school and community up to date with progress


The Eco Council framework consists of seven elements:

  1. Eco-Committee

  2. Environmental Review

  3. Action Plan

  4. Involving the whole school and wider community

  5. Linking to the curriculum

  6. Monitoring and evaluation

  7. Eco-Code

This framework supports schools working on different environmental and sustainable topics so we look at these areas in our meetings, along with how to save energy and water as well as reducing litter and waste.

The eco council split into smaller groups to carry out the environmental review of our school. They then analysed our findings and shared them with the school in an assembly led by the group.

During November and December Belford Primary School’s Eco council started collecting crisp packets to send to the ‘Iron Man’ who uses them to create survival blankets for homeless people. The children created poster that were shared around Belford so the whole community could take part.

In the Spring term, the Eco council's first topic was marine wildlife. The children created a power point to be shown in their classes with their teachers. 
During the half term holidays the children were set a task to use recyclable products to create a marine wild animal. 
In the second half of the spring term, the eco council discussed ways they could promote recycling of waste to patents and other people in the Belford Community.  They decided a poster would be the best way. The poster went home to all the families in school and it was displayed on our website, social media page and the village's social media page.