Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding that is based on the number of pupils considered disadvantaged. This funding is given to schools from the government in order to raise standards further in education. It is in addition to mainstream funding. The purpose of the Pupil Premium is to target support to "narrow the gap" between children from a disadvantaged background and other groups.

At Belford Primary School, approximately 17% of the school population are considered disadvantaged and we are committed to supporting improved outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils. In order to help our disadvantaged pupils overcome their barriers to learning and be happy and successful at Belford Primary and in their future lives, we are guided by the following principles.

  • We have a whole school ethos of aspiration and attainment for all pupils and encourage all staff to convey positive and optimistic messages to our disadvantaged pupils.
  • We have high expectations of everyone, from everyone and avoid stereotyping disadvantaged pupils as all facing the same barriers to learning or having less potential to succeed.
  • We promote the power of positive, growth mindsets in our disadvantaged pupils to help inspire them to see and strive to meet their full potential.
  • We have an unerring focus on the quality of teaching and learning in order to meet the needs of all our pupils.
  • We ensure that personalised provision is in place for children who are Pupil Premium-eligible and have their barriers for learning identified and educational needs accurately assessed and met.
  • We utilise evidence (especially the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit) to decide which strategies are likely to be most effective in overcoming the barriers to learning.
  • We deploy staff effectively to work with pupils who need the most support and training is provided where this is necessary to support pupils' learning.
  • We have systems in place which carefully monitor, manage and support good behaviour and attendance for all our pupils. If poor attendance is an issue, this is addressed as a priority.
  • Our teachers and leaders collect, analyse and use data to identify pupils' learning needs and review progress regularly. Underperformance is addressed rapidly through additional support and interventions.
  • Every effort is made to engage and empower parents and carers in the education and progress of their child.
  • We believe in creating opportunities for our Pupil Premium-eligible children through extra-curricular activities and additional classroom or school-wide roles and responsibilities to promote a sense of belonging and connectedness in our school.
  • We aim to instil an enduring passion for learning in all our pupils by providing a strong grounding in English and mathematics and a broad base of skills and knowledge acquired across our rich and varied curriculum.

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In order to qualify as disadvantaged, parents need to be claiming one or more of the following benefits:

Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, Income Based Employment Support Allowance or Child Tax Credit (but not working tax credit).
Annual income must not be more than £16,190

You can apply for extra support by filling out a short online form. Here is a link to the form:  https://online.northumberland.gov.uk/citizenportal/form.aspx?form=free_school_meals