In the Early Years Foundation Stage, mathematics is embedded in the indoor and outdoor environments, as well as in children's daily routines. We use Broadbent Maths, which provides a rich and balanced curriculum in mathematics and supports with the planning and teaching of small, manageable steps for our younger children. Mathematics is taught through adult led and 'play' based learning, so that from an early age, children develop confidence and enjoyment for the subject. A range of manipulatives are used to help the children develop a sound conceptual understanding to the maths learning involved.  

In both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, number and calculation continue to be at the fore of our mathematics teaching. Our children develop sound concepts and have systematic opportunities to apply their understanding and knowledge in solving problems and reasoning mathematically. In every situation, children move from the concrete to the abstract learning. We use the White Rose maths scheme, which provides a challenging but achievable curriculum for all our children to work towards.

All children have a daily maths lesson in which exciting opportunities are given to develop the children’s understanding of new concepts, methods and problem solving. We use a wide range of practical resources across school to provide a more hands-on learning experience and to better develop the children’s understanding of the concept. In addition to this, children are given daily opportunities to develop their fluency and calculation skills by completing a 5-a-day challenge. This recaps all four operations of number and helps children become confident in choosing the correct strategies.