In the Early Years Foundation Stage, Mathematics is embedded in the indoor and outdoor environments as well as in children's daily routines. Throughout the Early Years we place an emphasis on counting through adult led and 'play' based learning so that from an early age children develop confidence and enjoyment in number.

Number and calculation continue to be at the fore of our maths teaching across the rest of the school. Our children develop sound concepts and have systematic opportunities to apply their understanding and knowledge in solving problems and to reason mathematically. In every situation children move from the concrete to the abstract.

All children in KS1 and KS2 have a daily maths lesson in which exciting opportunities for the application of number skills are built in. We use NUMICON to ensure sound conceptual development and a range of other practical resources to allow all to access the increased expectation of the September 2014 curriculum. We follow the White Rose maths mastery curriculum, which provides the framework for our maths curriculum.

Our aim is to ensure teaching fosters mathematical understanding of new concepts and methods, enables children to recall mathematical knowledge rapidly and apply it so there is real depth in understanding and readiness for the next stage.