Science is often taught discretely, although where we can make links with other subjects we do.   The content is planned carefully year on year, so we build upon what children already know.

From September 2015 Science has been delivered as part of the Cornerstones Creative Curriculum and will be enriched by a focus on investigative science using Cornerstones ‘Love to investigate’ resource. These investigation reinforce key subject knowledge.

We believe that science should help to develop the way children understand the world. It should be interesting, exciting and motivating. In our approach hands-on practical science encourages children to explore their natural curiosity and build their confidence. They become enthusiastic, skilled investigators.

Science is also a powerful tool for helping and motivating children to learn in other contexts. The following investigative skills are developed:

  • Questioning

  • Research and planning

  • Predicting

  • Observing and measuring

  • Experimenting

  • Analysing

  • Explaining and Evaluating