Welcome to Belford Primary's School Parliament

The role of the School Parliament at Belford Primary School is to give pupils a chance to share their ideas and opinions about how to improve school life. Each class has elected two children to be the representatives for their class.  These members make up the group.

Being a Belford Primary School's Parliament Member is an important and rewarding job.  MPs need to be good listeners, to be able to negotiate well with their peers and to be able to communicate confidently with a range of people.  Children will also learn a lot along the way and these skills are transferable to many aspects of their future lives.

Why do we need a School Parliament?

  • To allow the voice of almost 100 children to be heard
  • To work alongside all the children in a collaborative manner
  • To improve the school for everyone
  • To be positive role models who ignite aspiration in themselves and others
  • To be an extension to the extra work that all the adults already do
During the Autumn term in school, the school parliament encouraged the children to take part in 'the five ways to wellbeing'
The first way was - To Connect, the representatives organised games and new play equipment to be shared at play times. Play leaders were also introduced to help the child who struggled to play fairly or mix with others enjoy games. 
The next way was - To be active, the representatives and the play leaders encouraged children to play different games and try new sports. 
During January, the children took part in the 'Great British Bird Watch' which is another of the five ways to well being - To Take Notice. 
All the classes of children went outside to study the birds that visited our school grounds.
Class 1 went to our forest school area and put up a bird feeder and some seed. Class 2 made some bird fat balls and hung them in our school garden. Class 3 and 4 watched the rear of the school and the front where the tall trees are. 
In the Spring term the school parliament representatives carried out a E-safety questionnaire in all classes to make sure the children knew how to stay safe whilst enjoying the internet. 
Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th each year - this year the School Parliament representatives came up with a poster for the children, giving them some ideas of acts of kindness they could demonstrate in school and at home.